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    7-64 years: 110 SEK

    0–6 years: Free

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    Food and beverage

    • Kaskad

      Located in one of Gröna Lund's hottest spots – on the waterfront behind Kvasten – lies our family restaurant, Kaskad. The concept is to provide a swift tray service with a wide range...

    • Krejsy´s

      A BBQ buffet restaurant with a big indoor bar – the perfect venue for gathering the troops before dinner or enjoying a cold beer in convivial company. A wonderful, large outdoor dini...

    • Kryddhyllan

      Right in the heart of the park, in an authentic and worldwide setting, you and your friends can come and enjoy food with a spicy twist! The menu is inspired from around the world ....

    • Tyrol

      Tyrol is one of Stockholm’s finest traditional restaurants, offering excellent cuisine and a tremendous atmosphere! Pentathlon teams can round off their contest here, with a good...

    • Tyrols Bakficka and Biergarten

      Tyrols bakficka seats 70 guests with a further 80 guests on the veranda. It's cozy and cramped, and boasts a great view of Insane and the charming Biergarten restaurant. The sausages...

    Web cam

    Omväxling förnöjer

    Omväxling förnöjer

    I söndags vart jag utlånad till attraktion – ingen mindre än Fritt Fall! Så från...

    Torsdag Torsdag, August 7, 2014
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