The talents required for a pentathlon victory are usually good marksmanship, nerves of steel and quick reflexes – plus strength and ball skills. The best plan, of course, is to come to Gröna Lund regularly and compete in a pentathlon.

But there are loads of other things you can do to secure your victory. Check out these handy hints, and you’ll be good to go for your pentathlon!

But remember, it’s just good fun (although only one of you can win!)

Training equipment

Round objects
Rubber bands
A cup
A friend


Practice patience. There are several things you can do to practice patience. Stand at the back of the longest line in a store, or listen to the traffic news and then take the road with the biggest jam or most roadworks. A winner has to think like a winner: I’m a pentathlon champ, I’m a pentathlon champ, I’m a pentathlon champ...


If you own a dart board, you’re already ahead – one of the events is dart throwing! If you don’t own a dart board, throw pens against a paper or a picture of someone you don’t like mounted on a wall. Remember to take the top off the pen so you can see what you hit. Fire rubber bands into a cup. Watch your eyes! NB: Release the back end of the band to make it fly forwards!


General ball skills. For many pentathlon events, it’s an advantage if you are familiar with various types of ball. Grab a hold of as many round objects as you can, such as oranges, eggs, the gear shift knob, apples, ping-pong balls, hazelnuts, light bulbs etc. etc.


A good physics provides automatic head start: you become more confident hand, faster reflexes and more alert in the psyche. Take the opportunity to run the stairs, and stretch stride in the long corridors. Compete against someone who happens to be the same location. NOTE: Remember to rest the day before the five-fight to not be quaking happened and weak.


Slap hands. Go and find a friend, then hold your hands out toward each other. One stands palms up and tries to slap the other, who stands palms down and tries to pull his/her hands away in time. NB: Don’t practice with a pentathlon opponent! Keep the advantage to yourself!