From October 18 to November 3 we open our gates for a Halloween celebration that is both cozy and frightful.

Between October 18 and November 3 (entire autumn school break), we're open for Halloween celebrations. All attractions will be open and the park will be decorated in various Halloween themes, where "Lilla Området" (small area) targets our younger visitors and will be filled with pumpkins, witches, and scarecrows. Pettson o Findus Värld takes on a spookier theme and Teatern (the theatre) has a magical kid's show twice daily.

In "Stora Området" (big area), brave souls can visit four haunterd houses, where the House of Even Worse Nightmares has new frights, "Blå Tåget" (the blue train) "Lustiga Huset" (fun house) is transformed into "Olustiga Huset" (not-so-fun house), and the haunted house on water, Skeppet (the ship) returns.
Those who dare can also embark our new horror house which will be revealed in September. This is a new level of fright, so be careful! 

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Book tickets in advance to secure your spot at this year's Halloween! This time around there will be a visitor limit during each day

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Gröna Kortet and Guldkortet are not valid.


Halloween at Gröna Lund is open both during autumn break and the weekend before so everyone will be able to experience the dark side of the park.

Opening days Halloween 2019
October 18  – October 20
October 25  – November 3

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