During Halloween at Gröna Lund several unique and fascinating themed worlds are created, where you are safe from evil spirits and free to enjoy the environment.

Godislandet (The Candy Land)

By the Dancing Pavillion you will find a fairytale-inspired Candy Land! There is also a cozy, themed candy store.

Zombiegatan (Zombie Road)

The usually bright and neon colored Jetline street is transformed into an apocalyptic stretch of road ridden with the shells of tanks.


Portalen (The Portal)

The stairs between the two areas of Gröna Lund is transformed into a dark portal from the Harvest Festival, with its pumpkins and nice witches, to the Big Area, where evil spirits and other univnited guests roam free...

Höstmarknaden (The Fall Market)

The Small Area has become a Fall Market for kids of all ages, filled with pumpkins, nice witches and kind scarecrows. Our kids' rides have new, halloween themed appearences and Pettson o Findus house has become a kid friendly haunted house. In the Theatre you can watch an exciting kids' show!

Other haunted houses

For your safety

- Always follow the actors' instructions

- Touching the actors is not allowed (they will not touch you)

- Scaring the actors or the other guests is not allowed

- Flashlights are not allowed

- Taking photos or filming in the haunted houses is not allowed

- Be aware that some of our haunted houses contain characters
and objects that may seem frightening to some