The less scary part of Halloween at Gröna Lund offers tons of wonderful experiences. Or what about themed attractions, hanging out with witches, and enchanting entertainment?

Hang out with witches, climb on hay bales, or take a spin on "Spindelpigan" or "Spökbilarna" (the spider bug or ghost cars). Stroll around in a lovely setting that feels like a harvest festival. Step into a haunted house that makes everyone feel brave. Be enchanted by a performance of "Jakten på det perfekta buset" (in pursuit of the perfect mischief). That's just a few of the things you can do in "Lilla Området" during Halloween, the part of Gröna Lund where the focus is on autumn coziness and fun for the kids. There are no evil spirits here, guaranteed.

Those who want a taste of a more grown-up Halloween, but don't want to be frightened, can simply go over to the big area. There you can wander through themed areas like Dia de los muertos, the witch's sacrificial grounds, and the cemetery, without encountering any evil spirits (well, besides some scary installations). After 6 pm the area takes on a new form and gets a little more sinister. Every evening at 8 pm you can enjoy a world-class fire show with Burnt Out Punks.

Opening hours

Friday October 27:  Lilla Området 16.00-20.00, Stora Området 16.00-22.00

Saturday October 28 to Saturday November 4: Lilla Området 12.00-20.00, Stora Området 12.00-22.00

Sunday November 5: Lilla Området 12.00-20.00, Stora Området 12.00-20.00


The internet package – which includes park entry, wristband for rides, and entry to all of the houses of horrors – is SEK 375 (SEK 395 at the gate). For those of you with “Guldkortet” (the Gold Card), the package is SEK 250. “Gröna Kortet” (the Green Card) does not apply, but it does provide a 10 % discount on online purchases.


Main Stage
Fire show with Burnt Out Punks every evening at 8 pm.

Little Stage
Kid's show Saturday Oct 28 to Sunday Nov 5 at 2 pm and 4 pm.

At 6 pm, various evil spirits invade the horror zone in the big area.



Weather permitting, all attractions will be open (Flygande Mattan, Fritt Fall, and Fritt Fall Tilt are closed due to planned maintenance). In "Lilla Området," some attractions are transformed into Halloween versions of themselves. For example, "Nyckelpigan" (ladybug) will become "Spindelpigan" (spider bug) and "Tekopparna" (the teacups) will become "Häxkitteln" (witch's cauldrons). Radiobilarna is replaced by Motel Hell/o.