On April 27, we open the gates to a new and exciting season at Gröna Lund. 2019 offers more than 60 concerts, a new part of the amusement park called "Nöjesfältet" and of course, Snake, our most intense attraction ever, only available in 2019. 

Our most intense ride ever!

During the 2019 season you can go for a ride in our most intense attraction ever, if you dare. At a speed of 80 km/ h, 4.3 G forces, you will spin 40 m up in the air. Snake will be a temporary attraction that will be on Gröna Lund only in 2019.

More than 60 concerts!

Grönan Live is the festival that lasts all summer long, with over 60 concerts! The excitement is rising and many superstars are already booked. Sting, Miriam Bryant, Wiz Khalifa, Lenny Kravitz and Carly Rae Jepsen to name a few. We continue to reveal new fantastic artists as we approach the concert summer 2019!

Nöjesfältet moves in!

The unlikely but real love story about the history of Gröna Lund is currently depicted on the big screen in the film "Eld och Lågor" and as a homage to our own story, we now let the old rival "Nöjesfältet" move in for the season of 2019. On the temporary " Nöjesfältet" you will find, among other things, a classic rifle shooter game, a classic strength test game and 1930s environments with everything from jugglers to themed signs.


Free admission all summer season and one free Ride Pass per day

1699 SEK

Gröna Kortet

Free admission all summer season including concert nights

310 SEK

Ride Package

Quickest way to the rides!

399 SEK (ord. price 465 SEK)