We know how a concert on Gröna Lund is supposed to be experienced.

Therefore, we now give you our very best tips on how to maximize your concert night at Gröna Lund. We know what optimizes your music experience in front of Stora Scen. Combine our tips with what you can do on site in the park for a magical extraordinary experience.

Skip the queues

The key to our concert nights is to have Gröna Kortet when you arrive and to be here in good time. With the Green Card you can pass through our barrier gates in a simple and easy way without having to buy a ticket first.

Therefore, it pays to buy your entrance ticket or your green card on our web in order to easily and smoothly pass the queues and into the park.

arrive on time

Since Gröna Lund is not only a concert venue but also an amusement park, you can not buy tickets for a specific concert in advance. What you buy is an undated entrance ticket to Gröna Lund. You are not guaranteed to see the concert until you have passed the gates. This also applies to those who have our seasonal cards (Gröna Kortet or Guldkortet). If it gets full in the park, we close our entrances. This is to ensure the safety of our guests who want to see the concert. Therefore, make sure you arrive well in advance of the concert. 

No umberellas

It's not possible to order nice weather for our concerts (it is a dream though). If it is raining, however, we ask you not to fold up an umbrella, because it makes it difficult for the audience behind you to see the concert. Instead, take a rain jacket or buy a rain poncho in one of our tivoli stores. Then you can calmly stand in the rain and enjoy the concert all evening.


At concerts at Gröna Lund it is forbidden to film or photograph for anything other than private use. It is a wish from the artists standing on stage, so please respect this. If you are a professional photographer, you can apply for a photo permit at the Gröna Lunds Information Officer annika.troselius@gronalund.com.

want do avoid crowding?

Eat and Drink properly

Do you belong in the crowd of dedicated fans waiting outside Gröna Lund's gates from early morning? Keep in mind that the body needs food and drink to cope with a full day's wait. So make sure you bring something to eat and drink or shop for food and drink in our kiosks during the day. It would be very sad if you didn't feel good at the evening and miss the concert, after you waited all those hours.


At concerts at Stora Scen there are places for wheelchairs on a special stand at Kvasten, where you see the stage just fine, or at the Classic Café for Lilla Scen. These places are booked by calling 010-708 70 00 no earlier than three days before the concert. Places for guests with hidden disabilities can be found on Eclipses platform and Classic Café for Lilla Scen. Tickets for these places are collected in the guest service on the concert day. First come first served.

Under 15? bring an adult

If you are under the age of 15, we recommend that you bring an adult with you during the evening concerts at Stora Scen.

Eat and ride before the concert

If you arrive early to the amusement park before the concert, you will not only escape the queues in the entrances, you can also take the opportunity to visit some of our six restaurants and eat some good food. Did you also know that everyone with Gröna Kortet has a 30% discount on Åkhäftet between 16.00-18.00 when there is a concert at Stora Scen? It is worthwhile to come on time.