Tyrol is one of Stockholm’s finest traditional restaurants, offering excellent cuisine and a tremendous atmosphere! Pentathlon teams can round off their contest here, with a good dinner to the tunes of a cover band.

Party Venue
Tyrol is also one of Stockholm's best party venues, and a perfect venue for office parties, kick-offs, theme parties, gala dinners or jubilee celebrations. We can receive 200 – 650 guests, depending upon the nature of the event. You could host an unforgettable party in a unique, original and delightfully inviting milieu. We have been arranging highly successful parties at Tyrol since we opened our doors back in 1933, so a party atmosphere permeates our entire premises. For more information about holding an event at Tyrol, please contact Cecilia Graflind, on tel: + 46 8 587 502 93.

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