For those of you who want to satisfy your hunger quickly and spend more time in our attractions we recommend our food court! Here you will find everything from fish 'n' chips, Thai, Tex-Mex and pulled pork to more traditional fast food like burgers and hot dogs.

Ben & Jerry's

Incredible ice cream!


Boardwalk Café

Welcome to our boardwalk with its beautiful waterside promenade. Enjoy an ice cream or a hot coffee.


Coffee & Donuts

Freshly-baked donuts and all the other good stuff you would expect to find at a fair!


Fish 'n' Chips

And that's all we've got to say about that! Always a tasty break between rides.


Ice Cream Stands

Choose between soft ice cream, ice cream scoops or ice cream on a stick, and all the regular toppings.


Godisboden (Candy Store)

A magnet for candy lovers! The shelves are laden with sweet stuff here; pick 'n' mix candy, chocolate, ice cream and sodas.


Grädderiet (Waffles)

Wonderful fresh waffles and galettes, topped with soft ice cream or cream, and drinks to wash them down.



Mitt i Spanska Trappan hittar du frozen yoghurt i alla möjliga smaker, toppa den som du vill med tillbehör från den stora och härliga toppingbaren.


Kebab & Falafel

Awesome kebab and falafel!




Tittle your taste buds with a Hungarian speciality – thin slices of frittered bread with red onion, sour cream and red or black roe.



The jury is out on this one! Is feasting your eyes on the spectacular panoramic view of Stockholm's inlet best, or appeasing your appetite with every conceivable kind of hamburger?


Mexican Corner

Caramba! Just like the real deal – warm nachos, chicken fajitas and Buffalo Wings.


Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

With or without cheese, without bread but with chips? Hamburgers galore – all sizes and styles, as well as the good old classic hot dog.



The place for a slice of pizza with a drink to match.


Poké Bowl

Fresh and tasty Hawaiian-inspired bowls. Choose protein (chicken, salmon or tofu) and a base (rice or quinoa).



Just outside Gröna Lund you’ll find churros, ice cream and coffee. A perfect start, or end, to a lovely day at the tivoli!


Cotton Candy & Popcorn

Revel in the aroma of freshly-popped popcorn or a stick of newly-spun cotton candy!