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    Clutch was formed back in 1991 when band members Neil Fallon, Tim Sult, Dan Maines and
    Jean-Paul Gaster met at Germantown High School in Maryland, USA. Through solid touring and 12 albums later, Clutch is today considered one of the best rock bands of modern times and their latest album "Book of Bad Decisions" (2018) entered number one on the Billboard Hard Rock Charts. They have never played at Gröna Lund before, but on August 26 at 20:00 we finally get to see Clutch on the Big Stage.

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    With the new Grönan Live card, you have free admission to over 50 concerts and all dance nights. The card costs SEK 395 and can be purchased in Gröna Lund's web shop. Previously purchased Green Cards for 2020 are also valid for the concerts in 2022.