Einár | Concerts at Gröna Lund

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Einár is one of Sweden’s hottest rappers right now. Since his debut in 2018 his songs have received over 120 million streams. With his raw portrayals of everyday life in suburb Enskededalen, Einár has become the voice of a new generation in Swedish hip-hop.

With megahits “Katten i Trakten” and “Första Klass” he has been crowned as the “Eminem of Enskededalen”. With his unique energy and flow Einár will raise the roof during his concert at Gröna Lund June 4, 2020!

Ticket information

It's not possible to buy tickets to a specific concert, instead you buy an entrance ticket to the park itself, or our season card Gröna Kortet that you can use every day during the summer to gain access to the park. Tickets bought beforehand does not guarantee you entrance to the park - we recommend being here on time before the concert.

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