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    The single "Vart jag än går" from the debut album "Ljungaverk" hit like a bomb in 2012. The song was awarded a Grammy for "Song of the Year", was on the Swedish top for 40 weeks and has played to 7 x Platinum.

    Today, Stiftelsens loved from north to south in Sweden and their latest album "Moder Jord" (2020) went straight to the top of the album list. On June 17 at 20:00, Stiftelsen steps out on the Big Stage for the third time.

    Ticket information

    With the new Grönan Live card, you have free admission to over 50 concerts and all dance nights. The card costs SEK 395 and can be purchased in Gröna Lund's web shop. Previously purchased Green Cards for 2020 are also valid for the concerts in 2022.