The 1975

The event is over

Ticket Info: Since Gröna Lund is an amusement park, it is not possible to buy separate concert tickets. What you purchase is admission to Gröna Lund (which is valid any day over the season). This means you have to pass through our gates to be guaranteed to see the concert. Gröna Lund does not sell tickets through other vendors. Only tickets that are bought in our webshop or at the gate are valid. 


Everyone who have bought a ticket to cancelled show in Ericsson Globe Arena with The 1975 February 27 are guaranteed entrance to the concert in Gröna Lund, june 12. (Note: Only if you arrive before 6 pm).

You still need to buy a entrance ticket to Gröna Lund (or posses one of Gröna Lunds season tickets, but your old concert ticket gives you access to a separate line where everyone are guaranteed entrance to the amusement park - if you arrive before 6 PM. So save your old concert ticket and bring it to Gröna Lund!

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