Pettson & Findus


Lilla Scen 13.00

Old man Pettson and the cat Findus are best friends. They have been since they met many years ago. Today Pettson and Findus will bake, but not just anything. Today they will bake pancake cake. That was Findus decision, because he loves pancake cake. But, for example, what would happen if you happened to pour detergent into the pancake batter? Will there be bubbles? Findus wants to find out.


This is a completely new show about a very special friendship between old man Pettson and his best friend, Findus the cat.

ticket info

No separate tickets are needed, but regular admission to Gröna Lund applies (SEK 120 for everyone between 7-64 years, free admission for children 0-6 years and adults over 65. If you want to be able to enjoy more performances this summer you do right in to buy the Gröna Kortet for SEK 290. Then you have free admission to tivolit every day throughout the summer season. Read more about prices & tickets here.