Lilla Scen 13.00

The popular children's program "Pyjamashjältarna" is set up for the first time as a theatre show in Scandinavia. This summer, the children will be able to meet their favorite characters Kattpojken, Ugglis and Gecko in the big song and dance show on Gröna Lunds Lilla Scen. Here, the children get to meet the three friends in an exciting show run by a musical artist. The show is 25 minutes long and plays twice a day at 1 PM and 3 PM, from July 1 to July 21 on Gröna Lunds Lilla Scen.

Ticket info

No separate tickets are needed, but regular admission to Gröna Lund applies (120 SEK) for everyone between 7-64 years, free admission for children 0-6 years and adults over 65. If you want to be able to enjoy more performances this summer, you do right in to buy Gröna Kortet for 290 SEK. Then you have free admission to the amusement park every day throughout the summer season. Read more about prices & tickets here.

When - July 1 - july 21

Time - Two performances every day at 1 PM & 3 PM on Lilla Scen