In order to make Halloween at Gröna Lund a really great experience, please read the information below prior to your visit.

It's not allowed to dress up
We want our guests to know exactly where and what the scariest parts of Halloween at Gröna Lund are. To reduce the risk of guests being frightened by other guests, we have decided that it is not allowed to dress up or wear a mask.

The attractions are open – if the weather permits.
Apart from Flygande Mattan, Fritt Fall och Fritt Fall Tilt all the attractions are open during Halloween. (Radiobilarna and Lustiga Huset are transformed into scary houses.) However, should the temperature drop below 4 Co the following attractions are closed temporarily closed: Jetline, Insane, Kvasten, Spindelpigan, Twister och Tuff Tuff-tåget, and if the winds are strong, Eclipse, Katapulten and Ikares are closed temporarily.

The scary houses
We recommend that you visit your top choices of the scary houses and the zombie zone as soon as you get to the park. The lines can get long.