A responsible opening

    The safety of our guests and employees is always our top priority. When we open we will do so in a safe and careful way, and we will adapt our entire operations to the government's and the Public Health Agency's prevailing guidelines and recommendations. A day at Gröna Lund should be a safe, fun and memorable experience for all our visitors.

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    Page updated July 30th.

    What is a responsible opening?

    We plan to open the park in a careful manner. This means that we will take our responsibility and ensure that our activities follow all the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations. Read more below.


    • The latest recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden will be communicated clearly in the park.
    • We overlook and revise our guidelines and safety measures regularly.
    • Cashless payment is adopted in the entire park.


    • We only allow a limited number of guests at the same time in order to ensure physical distancing in the park.
    • All guests must pre-book their visit online. When you book your visit, you also get a specific arrival time. In doing so we prevent queues at the entrance, controll the flow of guests during the day and facilitates for the public transports.
    • Digital queues are available at selected rides and restaurants.
    • Where digital solutions are not possible we apply standard physical distancing guidelines for queuing.
    • We will also have crowd regulating hosts in the park to remind guest to keep their distance.


    • Increased and improved cleaning procedures in bathrooms and public spaces.
    • Guests will be able to wash their hands and use hand sanitizers throughout the entire park.
    • Continued education of the parks employees about hygiene, social distancing and other safety measures.


    • Regular disinfection of lap bars, restraints, seats and other exposed surfaces.
    • Digital queues are available at selected rides.
    • Where digital solutions are not possible we apply standard physical distancing guidelines for queuing.
    • New routines are introduced to prevent crowding on the ride platform.

    What will happen to the concerts?

    We are proud to be a concert venue for everyone - young and old, metal lovers as well as country fans. For us, safety will always come first, both for our employees and our guests. Due to the current situation with the corona pandemic, we have therefore decided not to arrange any concerts until the situation allows for social gatherings in larger crowds again.

    What happens to season cards, ride passes and other products that I have left over from previous years?

    Can I book a visit to Gröna Lund?

    Ticket can be bought on the swedish part of our website.

    If you bought Gröna kortet or Guldkortet last year, read more about how we handle already purchased products this year.

    Which precautionary measures have Gröna Lund taken in regard to its employees?

    We follow the latest directions from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. All of our employees stay home from work if they show any symptoms of disease, even mild ones. They must also be symptom free for two days before returning to work.

    This page is continually updated with the latest information regarding Gröna Lund and the coronavirus.

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