Information regarding COVID-19

Gröna Lund aims to perform a careful opening of the park as soon as the siutaion allows. The wellbeing of our guests and employees is always our top priority, and we plan to take additional measures to ensure their safety.

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Page updated June 23rd.

What is a careful opening?

The government has decided to limit social gatherings and events to a maximum of 50 people, a ban which encompasses Gröna Lund as a concert arena and amusement park. Because of this we are forced to postpone the premiere of Gröna Lund – which otherwise would have taken place on the April 25th – until further notice.

As soon as we are allowed we plan to make a careful opening of the park. That means we will take our responsibility to make sure that the park is in line with the latest recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. In practice this means we plan to open the park successively and that many new safety measures will be put in place. Read more below.


  • The latest recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden will be communicated clearly in the park.
  • We look over and revise our guidelines and safety measures regularly.


  • There's a possibility of a limited amount of people in the park each day.
  • Sale of admission tickets is planned to mainly take place online to prevent crowds by the entrance.
  • We are working on digital queue solutions.
  • When technical solutions are not possible guidelines akin to those in grocery stores are applied.


  • Increased and improved cleaning procedures in bathrooms and public spaces.
  • Guests are offered hand washing och hand disinfectant at several central places in the park.
  • Continued education of the parks employees about hygiene, social distancing and other safety measures.


  • Ability to wash hands/disinfect hands before and/or after riding.
  • Regular disinfection of grips, seats and other exposed surfaces.
  • Queue rules akin to those in grocery stores.
  • New routines to prevent crowding on the ride platform.

What will happen to the concerts?

We have done our very best to plan another fantastic concert summer for you all, but it is now clear that the concerts will be affected by the current situation. Therefore we have decided to rebook all concerts before July 31st.

Our ambition is to find new dates later this year or the next year for as many concerts as possible.

Click here to read updated info regarding each concert.

Can I return my season pass?

Our season passes for 2020 have been automatically extended and will also be valid during all of the summer season 2021. If you would like to return your card instead of saving it until next year, call us att 010-708 70 00.

Our season pass holders are our most loyal guests, and to show our appreciation we will give all who own Guldkortet this year free admission to our other parks Kolmården and Furuvik during 2020.

Can I book a visit to Gröna Lund?

At the moment we have paused the sale of all our products except the Gift Card because of the uncertain situationen. As soon as we know when and how we can open the park again you will be able to buy your tickets here again, and then you are welcome back to book your visit.

Already bought products are still valid, so please hang on to your tickets. If you have bought Gröna Kortet och Guldkortet, please register your card to receive the latest info.

What precautionary measures has Gröna Lund taken in regard to its employees?

We follow the latest directions from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. All of our employees stay home from work if they show any symptoms of disease, even mild ones. They must also be symptom free for two days before returning to work. Employees who have visited countries and areas that the Public Health Agency of Sweden considers a risk zone must be symptom free for 14 days after their trip home before returning to work.

This page is continually updated with the latest information regarding Gröna Lund and the coronavirus.