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    Products 2020

    This year Gröna Lund opens up in a different way – with one ticket that is valid for both admission and free rides. Here is everything you need to know if you have bought a season card, admission ticket, ride pass or other products in our web shop for the 2020 season.

    Products that can be used 2021:

    • Guldkort purchased for 2020 are also valid for the summer season 2021. Visits with Guldkort need to be pre-booked.
    • Pentathlon coupons and food coupons purchased for 2020 apply to 2021 and/or 2022. Games and food/drink-coupons valid during 2020/2021 apply to 2021/2022.

    Products that can be used in 2022:

    Gröna kort purchased for 2020 do NOT apply to the summer season 2021 but will be extended to apply to the 2022 season, so that you can enjoy a full concert summer with your card.

    Ride packages, ride passes, free admission, pentathlon tickets, school class packages or ride coupons will not apply in 2021, as we will only have Ticket to Ride tickets to Gröna Lund. These tickets can be saved until 2022, when we look forward to a normal season.

    Pre-booking with Guldkortet

    To be able to visit the park with your Guldkort, you need to pre-book your visit, bring your card and show it at the entrance together with your ticket. (Note that booking for the season has not opened yet).

    Do not forget to register your card to get updated information about the park and to be able to use the card in our parks. Register your card.

    If you would rather repurchase your card, this can be done before the 30th of June 2021.

    Information about gift cards

    All gift cards that expire in 2020 are automatically extended until the 31th of August 2021. This also applies if your card has already been extended once. Gift cards purchased now are valid as usual for two years.

    Repurchase information

    If you want a refund on the products you bought instead of keeping them, this is also possible!

    If you have not used your products, they can be refunded until the park opens in 2022. This does not apply to tickets bought for a specific day or products purchased in 2021. Guldkort can only be refunded until the 30th of June 2021.

    If you wish to make a repurchase, contact us at 010-708 7000. Do not forget to have your order number ready when you contact us. To buy a season ticket, it must be registered first.

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