New coaster 2021

New coaster 2021

By 2021, Gröna Lund will open one of Europe's coolest rollercoasters.

In February of 2017, we handed in our application for a building permit regarding a brand new roller coaster at Gröna Lund.

An amusement park is never quite finished. Since 1883, Gröna Lund has always evolved and will always continue to develope for as long as we exist. We want our guests to be as proud of our park as we are.

That's why we, on February 21st 2017, handed in our application for a building permit, regarding a brand new roller coaster at Gröna Lund. If all goes well, we will be able to start the construction in the fall of 2018, and open the coaster to our guests in the spring of 2021.

Starting with this roller coaster, we're improving and refurbishing an area of our park that is in much need of some TLC. We want to be able to give our guests a new experience with this amazing ride, and at the same time take the opportunity to give this part of the park a whole new look, and improve the access to our beautiful water front, with new restaurants and eateries.

The roller coaster (which has yet to be named) is an inverted steel coaster, manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, in which the train runs under the track with the seats directly attached to the wheel carriage.

Quick Facts

  • Preliminary premiere
    April 2021
  • Height
    34 m
  • Speed
    90 km/h
  • Ride time
    Approx. 2 minutes
  • Manufacturer
    Bolliger & Mabillard

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