Katapulten (Shot n' Drop Tower)

140 cm3 coupons

Katapulten (Shot n' Drop Tower)

Be thrown 55 meters into the air, turn suddenly and crash down towards the ground, and then up again!

Up to the top! Plunge down! Up to the top again! And that's all there is to it – until your heart is in your mouth or your jaw is on the ground.

Good to know

Katapulten closes 15 minutes before Gröna Lund closes for the evening.

Quick Facts

  • Minimum height
    140 cm
  • Maximum height
    195 cm
  • Numbers of coupons
  • Premiere
  • Manufacturer
    S&S Power Inc. (USA)
  • Height
    55 m
  • Speed
    60 km/h
  • Powered by
    Compressed air

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