You are standing in front of a desolate and abandoned house. No one knows what is waiting inside, but one thing is certain – something evil is lurking in the dark. The nightmare experiments once conducted by the legendary Dr. Morphio have come to life and roam the hallways and rooms of the house. Do you dare step into Dr. Morphio’s House of Nightmares and face your worst nightmares?

In April 2015, the worst horror experiences of its kind opens at Gröna Lund. It will be a new haunted house where visitors themselves pass through the old dark house where horrific nightmares await.

The attraction has been developed together with the amusement park industry’s leading creator of special effects and animatronics, the Sally Corporation (USA), which has developed similar attractions at amusement parks around the world for over 35 years.

Exactly what visitors will find in the house’s various rooms will not be revealed. If you want to know, you simply need the courage to step into the house. Welcome!

Watch the story of Dr. Morphio and prepare yourself for what you have coming.

Ticket for House of Nightmares is 50 SEK. Ride pass and coupons is not valid.

Quick Facts


April 25th 2015


500 m²


Sally Corporation, USA

No height requirement



60 kr

The Story of Dr.Morphio