Ride Pass + Gröna Kortet | Tickets at Gröna Lund

Ride Pass + Gröna Kortet

With Ride Pass + Gröna Kortet you get admission every day all summer long and unlimited rides on one day!

Your package gives you:

  • Gröna Kortet - admission every day during the summer
  • Ride pass - unlimited rides one day


  • Gröna Kortet gives you a 30% discount on the entrance to our sister parks Kolmården, Furuvik and Skara Summerland

Important information about Gröna Kortet

  • Gröna Kortet is personal and must be registered before your second visit to the park. Register your Gröna Kortet here.
  • Gröna Kortet is valid for entry once a day.
  • All of our entrance products and season tickets are subject to availability, the park may be full.
  • Gröna Kortet gives you a 30% discount on the admission price during the same season at Kolmården, Furuvik and Skara Summerland. To use the discount, enter your card number. The discount applies once per facility.