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This concert is being rescheduled. As soon as a new date is decided this page will be updated.

Kaliffa began his musical career in the legendary band Hoffmaestro and debuted as a soloartist in 2014. Since his debut, Kaliffa’s name has been all over the charts – superhit ”Helt seriöst” became the first afro-beat song to top the Swedish charts on Spotify.

Ticket information

It's not possible to buy tickets to a specific concert, instead you buy an entrance ticket to the park itself, or our season card Gröna Kortet that you can use every day during the summer to gain access to the park. Tickets bought beforehand does not guarantee you entrance to the park - we recommend being here on time before the concert.

Online tickets are only sold through Gröna Lunds own website. In Stockholm it's also possible to buy Gröna Kortet at Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven.

Gröna Kortet costs 310 kr and allows you to gain access to the park every day during the summer season. On days with concerts admittance costs 130 kr before 6 PM. After that the price is 310 kr and Gröna Kortet is included.

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