How to get here

    How to get here

    There are many different ways of getting to Gröna Lund. On foot, by boat, bus, car or tram. We've listed the alternatives below to help you plan your best route to get here.

    By bus and tram

    Bus 67 will drop you off at Gröna Lund. Get off at the Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund bus stop.

    Another option is to hop on the tram nr 7 from Kungsträdgården to Djurgården. To find out when and where tram & buses run, go to SL's traffic information.

    You can also take the Metro Red Line to Karlaplan and walk from there. The walk will take you around 20 minutes.

    By car from outside Stockholm

    There are many good commuter car parks available on the outskirts of the city so you can avoid the downtown traffic. But if you do want to drive into the city, there's a parking garage called Parkaden on Regeringsgatan (by NK), among others. The easiest way to pay is by card.

    Djurgården Bridge is closed at weekends

    The Environmental and Traffic Division has decided to close Djurgården Bridge to general traffic on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm. When there are special events taking place, such as concerts at Gröna Lund or sing-alongs at Skansen, the bridge is closed from 3 pm – 9 pm. This applies to all vehicles with the exception of taxis, transportation services for the old or infirm, buses and trams.

    Which direction are you coming from?

    E4 from the south

    Park at Flemingsberg or Älvsjö Station. Continue by commuter train to Stockholm Central station. Then take the tram to Djurgården.

    E4 from the north

    Park at the Wennergren Center and take Bus 52 to Sergels Torg. Change to tram (7) bound for Djurgården.

    E18 from the west

    E18 from the west Park at the Wennergren Center and take Bus 52 to Sergels Torg. Change to tram (7) bound for Djurgården.

    E18 from the north

    Leave your car on the opposite side of the motorway to Danderyds Sjukhus, and take the metro to Tekniska Högskolan. Then change to Bus 67 bound for Djurgården.

    By boat or public ferry

    Moor in our own guest harbour during opening hours (by Bläckfisken, coordinates N 59°19'32, E18°05'75). You can also moor at Wasahamnen, a full-service guest harbour just a few cable-lengths from Gröna Lund.

    Hint! If you tie up at Wasahamnen, try to get as far into the harbor as possible to avoid the swell from other boats passing by. Read more about Wasahamnen.

    Djurgården ferries depart from Slussen

    The trip from Slussen takes around 7 minutes. Enjoy a beautiful view of Skeppsholmen- There are always staff onboard to help with strollers, wheel chairs etc. when required. SL-tickets are valid on the ferry.

    Ressel Rederi departs from Nybroviken & Hammarby Sjöstad more info

    By bike or on foot

    Why not take a beautiful stroll to Gröna Lund? It's also the cheapest option! Walk across Djurgården Bridge, and then continue on along Djurgårdsvägen and past Nordiska Museet. You can also take the pedestrian route through Galärparken, along the waterfront and past the Vasa Museum and the museum ships.

    The walk from Djurgården Bridge takes around 10 minutes, depending on how fast you walk and how often you stop to take in the wonders of Djurgården along the way.

    By train or plane

    If you arrive in Stockholm by plane or train, you may well wind up at Stockholm Central station. From here you can take bus 69 and change to the tram Djurgårdsbron (or take a stroll from here).

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