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    Find the answers to the most common questions regarding your visit to Gröna Lund.

    Rules for rides

    Are there rides that children aged 0–2 can go on without an adult?

    Sure. Children aged 0–2 can use the following rides free of charge without an adult:

    Lilla Pariserhjulet Barnradiobilarna

    Why must the person be 18 years or over, can't my 2 year old ride with his older sibling?

    Such a small child must have someone with them who are of legal age and is therefore capable of taking responsibility for the child during the ride.

    Do children 0-2 years ride for free?

    Yes, all children 0-2 years ride free if accompanied by a paying adult (18 years old) along the ride.

    Can I go for all rides when I'm pregnant?

    There are a couple of rides that we do not recommend our pregnant guests to ride. These are marked with warning signs and the reasons could be strong G-forces, centrifugal forces, bumpy rides, that the shackle is too tight across the belly or the Haunted House, where it is dark and easy to fall. However, it is always the guest that decides whether you want to go or not.

    You should not go for the following rides if you're pregnant: Eclipse, Flygande Mattan (The Flying Carpet), Fritt Fall + Tilt (The giant drop), Insane, Jetline (Roller coaster), Katapulten (The shot and drop tower), Kvasten (Suspended family coaster), Kättingflygaren (The waive swinger), Pop-Expressen (The break-dance ride), Radiobilarna (Bumper cars), Spökuset (the Haunted House), Twister (Wooden roller coaster) and Vilda Musen (The Wild Mouse coaster).

    Can my child ride with my permission even if he/she is shorter than the permitted height?

    No. We are strict on safety at Gröna Lund, and the height restriction is there for your child’s safety. It won’t be too long before your child is tall enough to enjoy all the rides at Gröna Lund. Until then, we have plenty of other great rides that your child will love. Check the height restrictions on the rides page of our website.

    Why do some rides have height restrictions and who decides them?

    Safety is always the top priority at Gröna Lund. The restrictions are set by the manufacturer in collaboration with an independent inspector from Dekra.


    Are the rides safe?

    Safety is the utmost priority at Gröna Lund. All our rides are checked and approved annually by Dekra, a control body assigned by the Swedish State. In addition, our own technical staff check all the rides daily to ensure that everything is in perfect working order.

    What am I allowed to bring into Gröna Lund?

    Food, drink in a plastic bottle, e.g. PET bottle, sport bottle, thermos flask with coffee, tea, etc. Baby food in glass jars Bottles of perfume, etc. Ordinary household cutlery – knives, forks, etc. Small scissors such as nail scissors or equivalent Selfie sticks – however, they may not be used in the concert area during concerts Umbrellas – however, they may not be opened in the concert area during concerts Folding chairs, backpack chairs, etc. – however, they may not be used in the concert area during concerts Gröna Lund reserves the right to make exceptions to this list.

    What am I not allowed to bring into Gröna Lund?

    Alcohol and drugs Skateboards, hoverboards, kick scooters and other personal transportation vehicles. Dogs and other animals – except guide dogs for the blind or partially sighted Glass bottles and glass jars – except baby food jars, bottles of perfume, deodorants in glass containers, etc. Drones, frisbees and other flying objects Spray cans Pyrotechnic devices Sharp objects such as scissors, screwdrivers, etc. Knives, self defence spray, laser pens and other items that are illegal to carry


    For us, safety means so much more than feeling safe on the rides. It’s also about enjoyment and peace of mind throughout your visit. Here are some things we do to make our guests feel safe at Gröna Lund. We work with safety in various ways. Every day that the park is open, we have security guards and medical staff on site. The guards are employees of Gröna Lund and have completed all our service training programmes.

    Security checks

    All guests must go through a security check before entering the park. You can read more here about our security checks and what items you can and cannot bring into the park.

    Security Centre

    If you or other guests experience any situation that feels unsafe, please call our Security Centre on +46 10-708 95 07. The Security Centre is always manned when the park is open.

    Crowd Attendants

    The job of our Crowd Attendants is to promote safety and prevent crowding in the park. Please speak to them if you experience anything that feels unsafe, or if you have any questions.

    You can usually find them near the queues for the rides. You’ll see them wearing orange vests with ‘Security’ on the back.

    Safety at concerts

    All concerts on Stora Scen (the Main Stage) are attended by guards specifically trained in event security. In addition, all our guests pass a security check before entering the park.

    Dare to Care

    Gröna Lund is taking part in a project called Dare to Care in collaboration with RFSU and Svensk Live. The primary aim of Dare to Care is to promote a positive audience culture and awareness about mutual consent, and to prevent sexual harassment and a culture of silence.

    The project focuses on standards and values as well as practical security efforts. With the Dare to Care concept, we aim to create a safe environment where both our employees and our guests can be active observers and speak out if they notice a situation that seems wrong.

    Around 200 employees, Gröna Lund’s entire team of work managers and Gröna Lund’s security department are trained in the Dare to Care concept.

    Heart Safe Zone

    Gröna Lund is a ‘Heart Safe Zone’. This means that it should be possible to initiate CPR with a defibrillator within three minutes. Approximately 200 of our employees are trained in CPR.


    At Gröna Lund, we aim for the amusement park to be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re continuously working to give guests with disabilities the best possible experience.

    Useful information for guests with disabilities

    Gröna Lund is an action-packed park with something for everyone. The park has a few places where there are uneven surfaces that make it difficult to enter rides and restaurants or move between the park’s Lilla Området (the Small Area) and Stora Området (the Large Area). However, there are plenty of other rides, activities and other attractions nearby that are easily accessible to everyone.

    How do I move between the two areas inside Gröna Lund with a wheelchair or stroller?

    The easiest way is to use our two entrances, Huvudentrén (Main Entrance) and Tyrolerentrén (Tyrol Entrance) rather than the Spanska Trappan steps that link the two areas of Gröna Lund Stora and Lilla Området (the Large Area and Small Area). Speak to our entrance staff. They’ll be happy to help you.

    Public transport

    Public transport services to and from the park stop just a stone’s throw from the Main Entrance. The stops are raised and have wheelchair access. There are points near the park entrance where special transport services can drop off and pick up guests with disabilities

    Admission and ticket purchase

    Guests with disabilities pay the normal admission price. Personal attendants or assistants of guests with disabilities have free admission, and must bring certification with them. Personal attendants and assistants must be at least 16 years of age. Personal attendants and assistants will be directed to the Ticket Centre for entry and information on how to optimise the visit.

    Personal attendants/assistants do not need to pre-book their visit to the park, but other guests must buy their tickets in advance from our website.

    Getting between Stora and Lilla området (the Large Area and Small Area)

    If you want to go between Lilla and Stora området (the Small Area and the Large Area) at Gröna Lund or avoid stairs, ask our staff at the Main Entrance. Speak to our entrance staff. They’ll be happy to help you.


    Guests with disabilities pay the normal price.

    Guests with special needs who cannot use our ordinary queuing lanes can enter through the exit at most of our rides. After showing your certification, you’ll receive a stamp at the Ticket Centre which you can show at the rides. For our Jetpass rides, guests with special needs should use the Jetpass entrance (you can pick up 10 Jetpass at the Ticket Centre to use on our Jetpass rides). Read more about Jet pass.

    The certificate should include your name, phone number and a brief description of your special needs, as well as the signature, name and contact details of a person who is familiar with your challenges. We accept certification from healthcare professionals, schools and, if applicable, assistance companies (e.g. doctor, nurse, therapist, counsellor, personal assistant, special needs teacher, school head, primary healthcare centre, school nurse, etc.). Persons under 18 must also be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or older) in order to get the stamp.

    Wheelchair users should access rides via the ride’s exit or via a lift. Guests with physical disabilities who have difficulty getting into and out of a ride may remain on the ride until it starts up again (for a maximum of three consecutive times). The guest’s personal attendant/assistant should help the guest get into and out of the ride. For more information about our different rides, contact Guest Service at the Main Entrance or the Ticket Centre.

    Assistance with rides

    Personal attendants/assistants of guests with physical disabilities have free admission and must bring certification. If the disabled guest needs assistance on the ride, the attendant/assistant may ride with them free of charge. In this case, the attendant/assistant will get their hand stamped at the Guest Service/Ticket Centre. Personal attendants/assistants must be at least 16 years of age.

    Concerts on Lilla Scen (Small Stage)

    For concerts on Lilla Scen (the Small Stage), there are five places reserved at Classic Café for guests with wheelchairs. Concert-goers who use a wheelchair may bring up to two personal attendants/assistants with them. For concert-goers with invisible disabilities, there are also three reserved spaces in Classic Café’s outdoor seating area.

    The spaces must be booked in advance via Gröna Lund’s Booking Service, +46-10 708 70 00, at least three days before each concert. The tickets should be picked up at Guest Service no later than 19.00 on the day of the concert, and certification must be shown. If the guest wants to attend more concerts, Guest Service can register the guest so that they do not need to bring certification every time.

    The ticket provides entry to a reserved area outside Classic Café next to the stage. The ticket should be worn and kept visible throughout the concert so that the staff can clearly see who is entitled to stand inside the barrier.

    Concerts on Stora Scen (the Main Stage)

    At concerts on Stora Scen (the Main Stage), there is a wheelchair-accessible stand with 18 spaces for wheelchair users. These spaces should be pre-booked at least three days before the concert by calling Gröna Lund’s Booking Service on +46-10 708 70 00.

    You can pick up your ticket for the wheelchair-accessible stand at Gröna Lund’s Ticket Centre on the day of the concert (please note that you also need to have an admission ticket to Gröna Lund or a Grönan Live-pass). Concert-goers who use a wheelchair may bring up to two personal attendants/assistants with them.

    Tickets for the wheelchair-accessible stand can be picked up on the day of the concert from the time the Ticket Centre opens until 17:00. Between 17:00 and 19:00, these tickets can be picked up at the guest entrance in Lilla Allmänna Gränd.

    Any tickets for the wheelchair-accessible stand that have not been picked up by 19:00 will cease to be valid. If you arrive before 17:00, please enter via the Tyrol Entrance. If you arrive after 17:00, please enter via the guest entrance in Lilla Allmänna Gränd.

    Make sure to arrive at the wheelchair-accessible stand in good time, as it can be difficult to get through the crowd at certain concerts.

    Invisible disabilities

    At concerts on Stora Scen (the Main Stage), there are also 8 spaces reserved for guests with invisible disabilities on the platform of Eclipse. Concert-goers with invisible disabilities may bring one personal attendant/assistant with them.

    The spaces must be booked in advance via Gröna Lund’s Booking Service, +46-10 708 70 00, at least three days before each concert. The tickets must be picked up at Guest Service no later than 19:00 on the day of the concert, and certification must be shown (please note that you also need a admission ticket for Gröna Lund). If the guest wants to attend more concerts, Guest Service can register the guest so that they do not need to bring certification every time.

    The ticket should be displayed at the exit of Eclipse, and should then be kept visible throughout the concert so that the staff on the platform of Eclipse can clearly see who is entitled to stand inside the barrier. At Eclipse, there are five folding chairs available for guests with invisible disabilities (we generally do not offer seated places due to space limitations). Personal attendants/assistants must remain standing up.


    For wheelchair users, we especially recommend the Kaskad restaurant next to the House of Nightmares or Classic Café behind Lilla Scen (the Small Stage). All our restaurants offer lactose-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options. If you have other allergies or intolerances, or if you need help reading the menu or having your food served, staff nearby will be happy to help you.


    Restrooms for wheelchair users can be found at:

    Stora Området (the Large Area)

    By Spanska Trappan (the steps that connect our small area with our large area) To the right of Stora Scen (the Main Stage) Opposite the Jetline roller coaster

    Lilla området (the Small Area)

    By Tuff-Tuff Tåget By the ticket office at the Main Entrance Behind Lilla Scen (the Small Stage)/Dansbanan (dance venue)

    Peace and quiet

    If you need a quiet break, there are several places in the park where you can recharge your batteries during your visit. We recommend the Classic Café in Lilla området (the Small Area).


    If you have any questions or need help with anything, you are always welcome to call or email us. You can also speak to our entrance staff or Guest Service by the Main Entrance.

    More about accessability


    Can I buy tickets in advance for a concert?

    Since Gröna Lund is not just a concert arena but also an amusement park (and the concerts on Stora Scen and Lilla Scen are outdoors), it is not possible to buy separate concert tickets.

    What you purchase is a Ticket to Ride for Gröna Lund (which is valid any day during the season). Then you have to pass through our gates to be guaranteed entry to the concert (even if you have purchased a Ticket to Ride in advance or if you have Gröna Lund’s Grönan Live-passet or Guldkortet). In some cases, when very popular artists appear on our stage, you need to arrive in good time to get in and find a good spot in front of the stage (standing only).

    Can I photograph the concert?

    It is prohibited to film or photograph concerts at Gröna Lund for purposes other than private use. This is a request from the artists on stage, so please respect it. If you are a professional photographer, you can apply for a photo permit from Gröna Lund’s Information Manager:

    When should I arrive?

    The Grönan Live-pass is valid for entry from 16.30 the days we have morning and afternoon sessions and from the start of the opening the days we are open all day. The earlier you arrive, the greater your chance of finding a good spot in front of Stora Scen (the Main Stage) and avoiding queues at the entrance.

    How can I avoid excessive crowding?

    Concerts that are standing only, like those at Gröna Lund, can generally get quite crowded when popular concerts are held. Some people want to jump around and dance, while others just want to stand still. However, you can choose what type of concert experience you get by moving to a different location in the audience. If you stand further back from the stage, things are usually much calmer, while there is more jumping and crowding nearer the stage. We recommend that all our younger concert-goers bring their parents to the concert and stand further back or at the edges of the concert area.

    How can I sustain myself through a whole concert?

    Are you one of those devoted fans who stand in line outside Gröna Lund’s gates from early in the morning? Remember that your body needs food and drink to get through a whole day of waiting. Make sure you bring enough food and drink, or buy something from our food and beverage units during the day. It would be disappointing if you felt ill late in the day and missed the concert, after waiting all that time.

    Are there wheelchair spaces near the stages?

    For concerts on Stora Scen (the Main Stage) there are wheelchair spaces on one of the spectator stands by Kvasten. For concerts on Lilla Scen (the Small Stage) there are wheelchair spaces by Classic Café. Wheelchair spaces should be booked in advance at least three days before the concert by calling our Booking Service on +46 10-708 70 00.

    For guests with invisible disabilities and special needs, a limited number of spaces are available on the platform of Eclipse for concerts on Stora Scen (the Main Stage), and at Classic Café for concerts on Lilla Scen (the Small Stage). These spaces cannot be booked in advance, and can be obtained at Guest Service on the day of the concert on a first come first served basis.

    How old do I have to be to attend a concert?

    If you are under 16 years old, we recommend that you bring an adult with you to evening concerts at Stora Scen (the Main Stage) and Lilla Scen (the Small Stage).

    Can I take an umbrella to the concert?

    We are unable to guarantee good weather for our concerts (we wish we could). If it does rain, please do not put up an umbrella, as this makes it difficult for the audience behind you to see the concert. Instead, bring a raincoat or buy a rain poncho from one of our shops. That way you can happily stand in the rain and enjoy the concert all night long.

    Can I bring a bag into the concert?

    No. The police authority has made a decision on a bag ban at major events in Sweden. At Gröna Lund, this means that bags will be banned on all days we have concerts on Stora Scen. Everyone who has passed through the gates at Gröna Lund has the opportunity to stay all day and take part in the concerts on Stora Scen. For safety reasons, the bag ban will therefore apply throughout the day, even if you as a guest only plan to visit Gröna Lund during the day and do not plan to stay during the concert.

    Limited bag storage will be available outside the park, but we advise our guests not to bring bags in the first place on the days we have a bag ban.

    Can I take selfie sticks to the concert?

    For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring selfie sticks to concerts at Gröna Lund. You’ll have to rely on your super-long arms instead!

    Which attractions are closed during concerts?

    When there is a concert on Stora Scen (the Main Stage), we close Eclipse at around 19:30, and sometimes also Vilda Musen.

    Payment and currency exchange

    Do I get money back for my Ride Pass if it starts to rain?

    No. Unfortunately, we're in the hands of the weather gods and cannot guarantee sunshine. Gröna Lund is an outdoor park.

    Can I leave the park to add money to a parking meter without having to pay to get back in?

    Of course, just speak to one of our welcome staff before you leave the park.

    Is there an ATM in the park?

    Gröna Lund has been completely cashless since 2020.

    Can I pay in Euro?

    Gröna Lund has been completely cashless since 2020. Cash is not accepted anywhere in the park.

    How do I pay the parking meter?

    Our parking meters only accept cards.

    Can I buy your products before I get to Gröna Lund?

    Sure. Visit our webshop to buy and pay for all the products you need for a day at Gröna Lund. In fact, this will be the only way to visit us in 2022, since you have to book your visit in advance.

    Food and beverages

    Can I bring my own food and eat it in the park?

    It’s simple and practical to bring your own food to Gröna Lund. If you bring a picnic, there are lots of lovely places where you can sit and enjoy your food. You’re welcome to have your picnic at the tables by Kättingflygaren, in the garden at Pettsson o Findus, on the balcony next to Ben & Jerry’s and on the waterfront promenade.

    I'm gluten intolerant – what can I eat at Gröna Lund?

    Many of our food and beverage units serve food suitable for allergy sufferers. Ask for gluten-free bread when you order a hamburger or hot dog. Neither our sausages nor our burgers contain gluten. All of the food and beverage units have folders listing all the foods and ingredients served. Ask the staff to show you the lists.


    Can I bring a pet into the park?

    No, sorry. Dogs and pets (except guide dogs for the blind and partially sighted) are not allowed in for various reasons. For example, other guests might be frightened or suffer an allergic reaction. Please note: Never leave pets in your car in the car park

    How do I report lost property at Gröna Lund?

    Go to Gästservice (Guest Service) at Huvudentrén (Main Entrance), which is where lost property is taken. It might be brought to us late, after you have already left the park. In that case, try contacting us by email.

    Are all the rides open as long as the park?

    No, the rides have different opening hours, suited for the intended audience. View the web page of the ride for specific opening hours.

    Can I ride my inlines, skateboard or bike in the park?

    No. But there are so many other fun things to ride in the park.

    Can I bring beer or wine into the park?

    No, you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol into Gröna Lund. But we do have plenty of restaurants with pleasant outdoor seating that serve excellent drinks.

    What should I do with my bag when I want to ride?

    You are not allowed to have any loose items in your pockets or on your person when you go on any of our rides, as they could fall out and injure somebody. There are lockers for bags and other loose items at the Main Entrance and Tyrol Entrance, next to Stora Scen (the Main Stage) and by Dansbanan (dance venue). For the price of SEK 30, you can lock up your things during your visit to Gröna Lund. All the lockers can be paid for by card. If you need to unlock the locker during your visit, you will need to pay a new fee to lock it again. The lockers are 28 cm wide, 54 cm high and 78 cm deep.

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