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    Rules for rides

    Are there rides for children under 4 years where the adult is not required to comply with?

    Sure! In the following rides children under 4 years ride for free without an adult: Lilla Pariserhjulet (Little Ferris Wheel) and Barnradiobilarna (The Kid Bumper Cars).

    Why must the person be 18 years or over, can't my 3 year old ride with his older sibling?

    Such a small child must have someone with them who are of legal age and is therefore capable of taking responsibility for the child during the ride.

    Do children 0-3 years ride for free?

    Yes, all children 0-3 years ride free if accompanied by a paying adult (ie 18 years old) along the ride.

    Can I go for all rides when I'm pregnant?

    There are a couple of rides that we do not recommend our pregnant guests to ride. These are marked with warning signs and the reasons could be strong G-forces, centrifugal forces, bumpy rides, that the shackle is too tight across the belly or the Haunted House, where it is dark and easy to fall. However, it is always the guest that decides whether you want to go or not.

    You should not go for the following rides if you're pregnant: Eclipse, Flygande Mattan (The Flying Carpet), Fritt Fall + Tilt (The giant drop), Insane, Jetline (Roller coaster), Katapulten (The shot and drop tower), Kvasten (Suspended family coaster), Kättingflygaren (The waive swinger), Pop-Expressen (The break-dance ride), Radiobilarna (Bumper cars), Spökuset (the Haunted House), Twister (Wooden roller coaster) and Vilda Musen (The Wild Mouse coaster).

    My son is 1.30 m tall and I read that you have to be 1.40 m to go on rides like Jetline. If I give my permission, can he ride?

    No. We are strict on safety at Gröna Lund, and the height restriction is there for your son's safety. It won't be too long before he is tall enough to go on all the rides at Gröna Lund. Until he is, we have lots of other rides that your son will enjoy.

    Why do some rides have height restrictions and who decides them?

    Safety is the top priority at Gröna Lund. The restrictions are set by the manufacturer in collaboration with an independent inspector from Dekra.


    Are the rides safe?

    Safety is the utmost priority at Gröna Lund. All our rides are checked and approved each year by Dekra, a control body assigned by the Swedish State. In addition, our own technical staff check all the rides daily to ensure that everything is in perfect working order.


    How do I move between the two areas inside Gröna Lund with a wheelchair or stroller?

    The easiest way is to use the Main Entrance and Tyrol entrance rather than the Spanska Trappan steps that link the two areas. Talk to our hosts by the entrances, they’ll be happy to help you.

    More about accessability


    Can I buy tickets in advance for a concert?

    Since Gröna Lund is not just a concert arena but also an amusement park (and the concerts on the main stage “Stora Scen” and the small stage “Lilla Scen” are outdoors), it is not possible to buy separate concert tickets.

    What you purchase is admission to Gröna Lund (which is valid any day over the season). Then you have to pass through our gates to be guaranteed to see the concert (even if you have purchased admission tickets in advance or if you have Gröna Lund’s Green Card or Gold Card season tickets). In some cases, when very popular artists are appearing on our stage, you need to arrive in good time to get in and to get a good spot in front of the stage (standing only).

    What will I be able to do while waiting for the concert?

    If you come to the amusement park well ahead of the concert, as well as avoiding long lines, you can also enjoy some of our fantastic rides or visit one of our six restaurants for a tasty meal. Did you know that the Green Card gives the holder a 30% discount on a ride booklet between 4 pm and 6 pm when there is a concert on the main stage – Stora Scen? It pays to arrive early.

    When should I get there?

    Gröna Lund has a permit to admit 17,000 guests at once during a concert, then we have to close our entrances. It’s therefore good to get here in time before the concert starts. The earlier you arrive, the greater the chance that you will get a good spot in front of the stage and avoid the lines at the entrances.

    Can I photograph the concert?

    It is prohibited to film or photograph concerts at Gröna Lund for purposes other than private use. This is a request from the artists on stage, so please respect it. If you are a professional photographer, you can apply for a photo permit from Gröna Lund’s Information Manager: annika.troselius@gronalund.com.

    How can I avoid pressure from the crowd?

    Going to a concert that is standing only, like at Gröna Lund, generally means it can get quite crowded at popular concerts. Some people want to jump around and dance, some just want to stand still.

    However, you can choose what type of concert experience you get, by adjusting your location in the audience. If you stand further back from the stage, things are usually much calmer, while there is more jumping and crowding the closer you get to the stage.

    We recommend that all our younger concert-goers bring their parents to the concert, and that they stand further away from the stage.

    How can I last for a whole concert?

    Are you one of those devoted fans who stand in line outside Gröna Lund’s gates from early in the morning? Remember that the body needs food and drink to get through a whole day of waiting (bring your own food and beverage or buy at the amusement park). It would be disappointing if you felt ill late in the day and missed the concert, after waiting all that time.

    Are there wheelchair spaces near the stages?

    For concerts on Stora Scen (main stage) there are a limited number of spaces for wheelchairs at the attraction Barnradiobilarna. Tickets for this can be obtained at the candy store Godisfabriken which is just next to Barnradiobilarna. For concerts on Lilla Scen (small stage), there are wheelchair spaces at Classic Café. Tickets can be obtained from the hosts at the main entrance.

    How old do I have to be to attend a concert?

    If you are under 15 years old, we recommend that you bring an adult with you for evening concerts.

    Can I take an umbrella to the concert?

    We are unable to guarantee good weather for our concerts (we wish we could). If it does rain, please do not put up an umbrella, as this makes it difficult for the audience behind you to see the concert. Instead, bring a raincoat or buy a rain poncho from one of our shops. That way you can happily stand in the rain and enjoy the concert all night long.

    Which attractions are closed during concerts?

    When there is a concert on Stora Scen (main stage) Eclipse and Barnradiobilarna will close at 7.30 pm. In some cases, Vilda Musen is also closed.

    Payment and currency exchange

    Do I get money back for my Ride Pass if it starts to rain?

    No. Unfortunately, we're in the hands of the weather gods and cannot guarantee sunshine. Gröna Lund is an outdoor park.

    Can I leave the park to add money to a parking meter without having to pay to get back in?

    Of course, just speak to one of our welcome staff before you leave the park.

    Is there an ATM in the park?

    There's one ATM in the park by Fritt Fall (the drop tower) and one just outside the Main Entrance.

    Can I pay in Euro?

    Yes, in all our ticket booths, and in the souvenir shops. We only accept notes (the biggest note accepted is EUR 20 and all change is given in SEK). You can also pay with Euro at our food and snack stands . You can exchange Euro for SEK in our Servicecenter.

    How do I pay the parking meter?

    Our parking meters only accept cards.

    Can I buy your products before I get to Gröna Lund?

    Of course (if you live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland)! Go to our webshop to buy and pay for all the products you need for a day at Gröna Lund – that way you'll avoid the queues at the ticket booths.

    Food and beverages

    Can I bring a picnic and eat it in the park?

    You're welcome to use the tables by Kättingflygaren, the picnic area outside of Pettsson o Findus Värld and along the boardwalk.

    I'm gluten intolerant – what can I eat at Gröna Lund?

    Many of our eateries serve food suitable for allergy sufferers. Ask for gluten-free bread when you order a hamburger or hot dog. Neither our sausages nor our burgers contain gluten. There are files at every eatery containing lists of ingredients used in the food served. Ask the staff to show you the lists.


    Can I bring a pet into the park?

    No, sorry. There's so much noise and action at Gröna Lund that animals can easily become distressed, and we don't want them subjected to that. Furthermore, other guests may become frightened or suffer an allergic reaction.

    How do I report lost property at Gröna Lund?

    Go to Servicecenter at the Main Entrance. Everything found is taken there. It can sometimes take a while, and maybe you will have already left the park. It's worth calling Servicecenter on 010-708 96 01 the following day. Servicecenter has the same opening hours as Gröna Lund.

    Are all the rides open as long as the park?

    No, the rides have different opening hours, suited for the intended audience. View the web page of the ride for specific opening hours.

    Can I ride my inlines, skateboard or bike in the park?

    No. But there are lots of other great things to ride in the park!

    Can I bring beer or wine into the park?

    No, you are not allowed to bring any alcohol into the park. But we do have plenty of wonderful indoor and outdoor restaurants that serve excellent drinks.

    What should I do with my bag when I want to ride?

    You are not allowed to have any loose items in your pockets or on your person when you go on one of our rides. They could fall out and injure somebody. There are lockers for bags and other loose items by the Main Entrance and Tyrol Entrances, next to Stora Scen and by Dansbanan. For the price of SEK 30 (5 coins or 10 coins). The lockers are 28 cm wide, 54 cm high and 78 cm deep.

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