From October 19th to November 4th we open our gates for Halloween celebrations that are both cozy and frightful.

Between October 19th and November 4th (entire autumn school break), we're open for Halloween celebrations. All attractions will be open and the park will be decorated in various Halloween themes, where "Lilla Området" (small area) targets our younger visitors and will be filled with pumpkins, witches, and scarecrows. Pettson o Findus Värld takes on a spookier theme and Lilla Scen (little stage) has a magical kid's show twice daily.

In "Stora Området" (big area), brave souls can visit four haunterd houses, where the House of Nightmares has new frights, "Blå Tåget" (the blue train) is spiced up with live ghosts, "Lustiga Huset" (fun house) is transformed into "Olustiga Huset" (not-so-fun house), and the brand new Motel Hell/o haunted house welcomes only the most fearless. This is a new level of fright, so be careful! 

Evil spirits awaken after nightfall

When the big clock strikes 6 pm and darkness descends on the park, Stora Området fills with phantoms, zombies, freaky clowns, and evil spirits. That's also when our "skräckzon" (horror zone) activates. If you choose to visit this zone, which is clearly marked out, you'll come face to face with these evil beings...

The new haunted houses can be visited throughout the day... if you dare!


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Halloween at Gröna Lund comes in two forms. Cozy and full of experiences for the little ones (and scaredy-cats) with themed areas, entertainment, and attractions. Pure horror reigns only in the haunted houses and horror zones, which are clearly marked out.


Weather permitting, all attractions will be open (Flygande Mattan is closed due to planned maintenance). In "Lilla Området," some attractions are transformed into Halloween versions of themselves. For example, "Nyckelpigan" (ladybug) will become "Spindelpigan" (spider bug) and "Tekopparna" (the teacups) will become "Häxkitteln" (witch's cauldrons). We also have some news in the park. One of them is a scary ship that you can embark...if you dare...


The internet package – which includes park entry, wristband for rides, and entry to all of the houses of horrors – is SEK 395. For those of you with “Guldkortet” (the Gold Card), the package is SEK 320. 

Age restrictions

There are no age restrictions, but the houses of horrors and the horror zone have age recommendations.  The Ship: 13 years old, 11 years old when accompanied by an adultMotel Hell/o: 13 years old, 11 years old when accompanied by an adult. “Olustiga huset” (not-so-fun house): 13 years old, 11 years old when accompanied by an adult. House of Even Worse Nightmares: 11 years old, 9 years old when accompanied by an adult. Zombie zone: 11 years old, 9 years old when accompanied by an adult. “Blå tåget” (the blue train): 7 years old. “Pettson o Findus”: For all ages.