Halloween is here! 🎃

    With new attractions for the whole family!

    Halloween is back! 🎃

    The park turns into a creepy and cozy paradise where you can revel in horror houses, attractions and scary characters. If you don't like horror, you can cozy up among pumpkins and other autumnal decorations. A warm welcome to all Halloween lovers!

    This year there are news in both the Small and Large areas. In the Small area, a new spooky experience awaits the whole family, and in the Large area, we add a COMPLETELY new and world-unique way to experience horror, the experience is suitable for all horror lovers. To be continued..


    Cozy and chills for the whole family

    In Lilla Området, you can wander around among pumpkins and spriderwebs, meet our funny witches, have a hot chocolate or a coffee and take a tour of all the fun themed attractions. In Stora Området the truly brave can head into our many horror houses and come face to face with terrifying clowns, zombies and cult leaders. Be prepared – creepy creatures of all kinds roam the park and can surprise you when you least expect it…


    Don't miss the horror parade!

    Every day an awesome parade of scary characters and creatures marches into the park. They enter both during the day (2 pm) and in the evening (6 pm) after dark, and we promise that no one will be left untouched. Horror must win and that is the only goal of the horror parade.


    Horror houses and themed rides

    Regardless of whether you are looking for thrilling rides, blood-curdling horror, laughter or screams, there is something for you during Gröna Lund's Halloween. Choose from among our 5 horror houses and all attractions that have been given new, scary guises.