Pentathlon host

    Pentathlon host

    Based on your requests, our pentathlon hosts can take care of all things regarding pentathlon at Gröna Lund – leaving you free to relax and enjoy your visit to the park. Everything – from selecting the teams to totting up the score sheets – can be handled by our experts.

    Ahead of the pentathlon, our pentathlon host will meet your party to individually or together explain how the pentathlon works. Once the pentathlon is underway, your host will guide you between the events ensuring that each competitor does his/her level best. Their in-depth knowledge of Gröna Lund’s pentathlon makes each event a unique experience. Only a few will taste sweet success.

    Once the pentathlon is over, and at your request, your host will preside over the prize-giving ceremony in true pentathlon spirit. Your host is an expert on all things pentathlon, so you’ll be taking part in a competition once played seldom forgotten!

    If you have any special requests, just ask your host. The pentathlon format is always based on your requirements.

    • The price is SEK 2250/host/2 hr. (15 guests/host).

    To book your own pentathlon host, please call us at 010-708 70 00.