Three long years of waiting are over. On April 24 Gröna Lund will open its greatest attraction to date! 34 meters up, at the top of the lift hill, the first drop will plunge riders towards the water at 90 kilometers per hour. Riders will be upside down no less than four times as Monster soars above Gröna Lund, passing both the Fun House and our Zac-spin coaster Insane - while hanging under the track with your legs dangling in the air!

    Quick Facts

    • Max height
      34 m
    • Max speed
      90 km/h
    • Length
      700 m
    • G-forces
      4,5 G
    • Type
      Inverted roller coaster
    • Min. height to ride
      140 cm
    • Manufacturer
      Bolliger & Mabillard

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