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    Tips & tricks

    7 tips for visitors at Gröna Lund

    Grönan Live is Sweden’s longest festival with dozens of concerts throughout the summer. With two outdoor stages, Gröna Lund is a unique setting for concerts. But there are also plenty of ways to have fun here before the concert (or relax afterwards), including a wide range of food and drinks, adrenaline-pumping rides and exciting pentathlons

    Save the concert in your calendar

    Did you know that you can easily save your favourite concerts in your mobile calendar here on our website? All your favourite concerts are just a few clicks away! Haven’t decided which concerts to go to yet? Check out our concert schedule here.

    Book a restaurant table

    Our top tip is to book a table at one of our restaurants before the concert. This guarantees you can sit down and relax with food and drinks at your chosen time before going out into the crowds. Read more about our restaurants and book a table here.

    Arrive in time – you’ll find plenty to do here!

    At large concerts, we suggest you arrive in good time to make sure you can enter the park. And don’t worry – because the concert venue is an amusement park, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do before the show. Challenge your friends to a pentathlon, enjoy a beer or cocktail at one of our bars or shout yourself hoarse on one of our rides to get in the mood!

    Experience the magic in front of the stage ...

    There’s something magical about waiting in front of the stage for hours before the concert to get the best possible place. If you’ll be queuing up for a long time, make sure you bring enough to eat and drink, or that someone in your group can go and buy refreshments to sustain you through the concert.

    ... or enjoy a beer further back

    If you’re not in the mood dancing at the front, there’s more room to relax further back in the audience. At Stora Scen (the Main Stage), you can go to the bar area at Kaskad and Grant’s Tree Bar and enjoy the concert with a drink in your hand. For some concerts, we open an additional beer area in front of Kvasten where you can also take in the concert. At Lilla Scen (the Small Stage), you can have a drink at Sommarbaren next to the stage.

    Stay behind after the concert

    Your evening at Gröna Lund doesn’t have to end when the concert is over. The park often stays open for a while after the concert. A great opportunity to discuss the evening’s best songs over a beer at one of our bars. As an added bonus, staying a bit longer means that the trams and ferries will be less busy when you leave

    Stages and shows

    Grönan Live is Sweden’s longest festival with dozens of concerts throughout the summer. The stages at Gröna Lund also host Latin dance evenings, popular children’s shows and entertaining evenings with Sweden’s best traditional live dance bands!