Tips & tricks

    Tips & tricks

    There are many ways to buy tickets and get into Gröna Lund. To make it easier for you, we have listed two scenarios and how to get through the gates the easiest way.

    A popular concert night

    For concerts at Stora Scen and Sommarkrysset, regular admission for 130 SEK is valid until 18.00. After this, Gröna Kortet is valid, which also gives free entrance for the rest of the season.

    The key to our concert nights is thus to have Gröna Kortet when you arrive and to get here in good time. With Gröna Kortet you can pass through our barrier gates in a simple and easy way without having to buy a ticket first.

    A Saturday with the family

    Buy your products on our website before you come to Gröna Lund. For example, if you are interested in an entrance + Ride Pass we would recommend our web offer Ride package which can be purchased at a discounted price during low season.

    On site you go to the ticket center (which opens at least 30 minutes before the park) where you with pre-purchased products have priority at the cashiers. Get your products out and then slip into the park!

    More tips for a smooth visit

    • Pre-buy all your tickets in our webshop and come here well in advance. Ticket center always opens at least 30 minutes before the park opens.
    • Don't save your favorite rides! Go for example Ikaros first in the day, and go for the popular attractions early. The queues grow during the day.
    • If you like to walk, you can take the metro to Karlaplan and get a beautiful Djurgården walk of about 2 km before your visit - win / win.
    • Leave the bag at home at concert nights, and it is quicker to get through our security checks at the entrances.

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