Medal Plaza

    Our new Medal Plaza area, located right on the water behind the Biergate, is the ultimate 5 game hangout. Here you can recharge before the 5-match or unwind and celebrate the winners!

    Here we have loaded up with cold beer in the bar, nice music and a grill station that serves, among other things, good grilled sandwiches, thin bread roll with lamb sausage and of course there will also be some light snacks (as well as vegetarian options) 🥪

    In the area you will be able to buy fun stuff to really maximize the 5-match, trophy to celebrate the winner or go big and celebrate the winner with a lot of chocolate, sweatbands in different colors to really bring out the team spirit and much more! 🏆


    Are you allergic or intolerant to anything? In all places where we serve food, there are binders with information about the ingredients in the food we serve. Ask the staff to have a look at the binders if you need more information.

    Buy your ticket! 🙌

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