Eat green at Gröna Lund!

    On our sustainable menu, you can choose and choose from a plethora of climate-smart vegetarian and vegan dishes.

    All food and snack kiosks at Gröna Lund offer both vegan and vegetarian options, choose from everything from vegan milkshakes to soy nuggets and langos. Many of the vegetarian dishes can also be made vegan if you ask the staff.

    The food we eat has a major impact on the climate, which is why good vegetarian and vegan food is an important part of our sustainability work.

    The restaurants

    Restaurant Kaskad

    • Pizza Margherita (vegetarian)
    • Pizza Bianco (vegetarian)
    • Pasta Rigatoni Pomodoro (vegetarian, vegan without mozzarella)

    The spice shelf

    • Fresh spring rolls (vegetarian, vegan available)
    • Chips with sikrom (can get vegan)
    • Columbus burger with Oumph! (vegan)
    • Cannelloni (vegetarian)
    • Children's menu: Soy buns with mashed potatoes (vegetarian)

    Beer garden

    • Langos with mushrooms (vegetarian)
    • Cobb salad with halloumi (vegetarian)
    • Chilli stew (vegan)
    • Churros (vegetarian)

    Classic Cafe

    • Grilled levain (both vegetarian and vegan available)
    • Grilled foccacia (vegetarian)
    • Falafel salad with hummus and bulgur (vegan)
    • Feta cheese salad with watermelon (vegetarian)
    • Lasagna and pancake buffet (vegetarian)

    Holy Monkey

    • Phad Thai with prawns (vegetarian available)
    • Bibimbap (vegetarian available)
    • Sushi pieces avocado (vegan)

    Sam's Deli

    • Banh Mi (vegetarian, can get vegan)
    • Churrasco (vegetarian, can get vegan)
    • Philly Cheese (vegetarian)
    • Salad asian style (vegetarian, can get vegan)
    • Salad italian style (vegetarian, can get vegan)
    • Salad american style (vegetarian, can get vegan)

    Pasta La Vista

    • Pasta Pommodoro (vegetarian)
    • Pasta Pesto (vegetarian)

    Fast food

    Little Italy

    • Willie's Weiner's Soy Sausage (vegan)
    • Pasta La Vista Pasta Pomodoro (vegetarian)
    • Sam's Deli baguette & salad with roasted cauliflower, sweet potato & celery (vegan)

    The hamburger kiosks

    • Vego burger with soy (vegan)
    • Halloumi burger (vegetarian)
    • Soy nuggets (vegan)
    • Fries (vegan)
    • Onion rings (vegan)
    • Chili Cheese (vegetarian)

    Mexican Corner

    • Nachos with dipping sauce (vegetarian, can get vegan)
    • Nacho plate with soy mince (vegetarian, can get vegan)
    • Soft Tacos with soy mince (vegetarian, can get vegan)


    • Falafel in pita bread (vegan without white kebab sauce)
    • Falafel plate with fries (vegan without white kebab sauce)
    • Falafel salad (vegan without white kebab sauce)


    • Langos Vegan with garlic, iMat fraiche, red onion, rocket, seaweed caviar (vegan)
    • Langos Västerbotten (vegetarian)
    • Lango's Nutella (vegetarian)


    • Nachos with dipping sauce (vegetarian, can get vegan)
    • Nacho plate with soy mince (vegan)

    The creamery

    • Crêpe chèvre & honey (vegetarian)
    • Crêpe nutella & banana (vegetarian)
    • Waffle with jam and cream/soft ice cream (vegetarian)



    • Caramel and passion fruit shake (vegan)
    • Vanilla (vegetarian)
    • Chocolate (vegetarian)
    • Strawberry (vegetarian)
    • Oreo (vegetarian)

    In Scream Yogurt

    • Frozen yogurt Chocolate (vegetarian)
    • Frozen yogurt Strawberry (vegetarian)
    • Frozen yogurt Vanilla (vegetarian)
    • Frozen yogurt Salted caramel (vegetarian)
    • Frozen yogurt Raspberry sorbet (vegan)

    The ice cream kiosks

    (All our ice cream and ice cream cones are vegetarian - below is a list of vegan ice creams)

    • Choice Caramel in a cup, waffle, cone or gluten-free waffle (vegan)
    • Lemon sorbet (vegan)
    • Raspberry sorbet (vegan)
    • Ben N' Jerry's Non-Dairy Cookie Dough (vegan)
    • Ice cream sticks: Calippo Cola (vegan), Piggelin (vegan), Choice Strawberry stick (vegan), Magnum Vegan Almond (vegan), Twister Peek a Blue (vegan, traces of milk).

    Other fairground snacks

    • Soft ice cream (vegetarian)
    • Popcorn (vegan)
    • White cotton candy (vegan)
    • Hot chips (vegetarian)
    • Donuts (vegetarian)
    • Rawball blueberry/cardamom (vegan)
    • Rawball raspberry/licorice (vegan)
    • Bun (vegan)
    • White Chocholate Chip Cookie (vegetarian)