Bags not allowed during concert days! 👜

    The police authority has made a decision on a bag ban at major events in Sweden. At Gröna Lund, this means that bags will be banned on all days we have concerts on Stora Scen. Everyone who has passed through the gates at Gröna Lund has the opportunity to stay all day and take part in the concerts on Stora Scen. For safety reasons, the bag ban will therefore apply throughout the day, even if you as a guest only plan to visit Gröna Lund during the day and do not plan to stay during the concert.

    Exceptions may be made for people who for medical reasons need to bring a bag into the park, as well as for people with children who need a diaper bag. Bags will be checked by authorized personnel before entering the park.

    It is of course fine to bring your belongings in jacket pockets or trouser pockets. Wallets and smaller toiletry bags that fit in the pocket are not covered by the bag ban. Once inside the park, we have affordable backpacks (gym bags) for sale in which you can put your belongings. Limited bag storage for a fee will be available outside the park, but we advise our guests not to bring bags in the first place on the days we have a bag ban.

    Concerts on Lilla Scen, our dance evenings or days without concerts, on the other hand, are not covered by the bag ban and you are welcome to bring bags into the park. As usual, all bags will be checked by our security hosts at the entrances, before you enter the park.

    All concert days where bag are not allowed 👜