Eclipse (Giant Wave Swinger)

120 cm3 coupons

Eclipse (Giant Wave Swinger)

One of the world's highest StarFlyers, do you dare?

Join us on a ride in Eclipse!

Eclipse is a truly unique family attraction, with a height requirement of only 47 inches, but with an incredibly high excitement level. It has twelve swings with double seats, which hang from 26 foot long chains. If you ride the attraction at full speed, you reach an impressive 43 miles per hour as you soar high above Stockholm.

Good to know

During concert evenings, Eclipse is used as a balcony for our disabled guests and therefore will be closed. Note that the queue closes in advance.

Quick Facts

  • Minimum height
    120 cm
  • Numbers of coupons
  • Total height
    400 feet
  • Manufacturer
    Funtime (Austria)
  • Premiere
  • Total weight
    910 ton
  • Capacity
    24 people/ride
  • Maximum speed
    43 miles/h
  • Ride time
    Approx. 2 minutes

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