Insane (Vertical Spinning Coaster)

140 cm3 coupons

Insane (Vertical Spinning Coaster)

A truly INSANE ride!

Fortune favors the fearless who brave savage G-forces and spectacular spins! The seats rotate freely on their own axle, so the constellation of the riders' weights makes each ride unique – just like each blood-curdling scream!

Good to know

Insane closes 15 minutes before Gröna Lund closes for the evening.

Quick Facts

  • Minimum height
    140 cm
  • Maximum height
    195 cm
  • Numbers of coupons
  • Premiere
  • Manufacturer
    Intamin (Switzerland)
  • G-forces
    4,5 G
  • Speed
    60 km/h
  • Ride time
    75 seconds
  • Track length
    250 m
  • Track height
    35,5 m

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