Roller Coaster (Jetline)

140 cm3 coupons

Jetline (Roller Coaster)

Just over a million riders can't be wrong!

Take a ride in Jetline!

An action-packed roller coaster with heights and bends that cause 1 million riders to shriek with delight each season. Jetline is a classic steel-track coaster designed by the legendary roller coaster manufacturers, Anton Schwartzkopf.

Good to know

Jetline closes 15 minutes before Gröna Lund closes for the evening.

Quick facts

  • Minimum height
    140 cm
  • Numbers of coupons
  • Manufacturer
  • G-Forces
    4,5 G
  • Speed
    90 km/h
  • Height
    30 m
  • Track length
    800 m

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