Kärlekstunneln (Tunnel of Love)

No height limit1 coupons

Kärlekstunneln (Tunnel of Love)

A fairy tale tour for the whole family.

A charming trip through a magical fairytale world illuminated with tiny twinkling lights. Grab the chance to hold hands and steal a quick kiss! Everyone can fall in love here.

Good to know

Closes 15 minutes before Gröna Lund closes for the evening.

To ride as a child

Children 0-3 years:

  • Must be accompanied by en adult
  • Must sit by themselves
  • Get to ride for free

Quick Facts

  • Height requirement
  • Numbers of coupons
  • Premiere
    1936 (1987)
  • Manufacturer
    Gröna Lund
  • Capacity
    300 riders/h
  • Ride photos

Ride photo

Save the memory of the ride forever! Here you can download your attraction photo online.

Download here

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