Lilla Pariserhjulet (Little Ferris Wheel)

No height limit1 coupons

Lilla Pariserhjulet (Little Ferris Wheel)

A classic Ferris wheel, only slightly smaller.

Feel like a giant on this miniature Ferris Wheel! Our smallest guests have gone round and round on this ride for almost 80 years. Don't miss the wonderful view of Gröna Lund.

Good to know

Lilla Pariserhjulet closes at 7 pm.

To ride as a child

Children 0-3 years:

  • Must be accompanied by en adult
  • Must sit by themselves
  • Get to ride for free

Quick Facts

  • Height requirement
  • Numbers of coupons
  • Manufacturer
    W.F. Mangels, CO (USA)
  • Premiere (Renovated)
    1920s (1993)
  • Capacity
    150 riders/h
  • Size
    16 kvm

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