Pettson & Findus Värld (Pettson & Findus' World)

    No height limitIngår i Ticket to Ride

    Pettson och Findus Värld (Pettson and Findus' World)

    Welcome to Pettson and Findus' world, full of nooks and crannies to hide in, buttons to push, and things to discover.

    There are a lot of fun and games to be found and explored here! This house is packed with nooks and crannies to hide in, buttons to press and other crazy features to find!

    Good to know

    Pettson and Findus' Värld closes at 7 pm.

    Quick Facts

    • Height requirement
    • Numbers of coupons
    • Premiere
    • The house
      Built 1720
    • Manufacturer
      Gröna Lund

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