Twister (Wooden Roller Coaster)

120 cm3 coupons

Twister (Wooden Roller Coaster)

A unique wooden roller coaster with a spectacular first drop!

Join us for a ride in Twister!

Twister breaks new ground for wooden roller coasters being so extremely compact although giving the roller coaster rider a thrilling ride. Thanks to its unique yet classic design and state of the art custom made trains, it will appeal to coaster lovers of all ages, both thrill seekers and families.

The coaster is located down by the waterfront and take the riders over the ghost train building and both over and under the Jetline and Kvasten roller coasters. Twister is interacting with more rides than any other wooden roller coaster in the world.

Quick Facts

  • Minimum height
    120 cm
  • Number of coupons
  • Premiere
  • Manufacturer
    Gravity Group (USA)
  • G-Forces
    3 G
  • Top speed
    61 km/h
  • Height
    15 m
  • Track length
    480 m
  • Ride photos

Ride photo

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