110 cmIncluded in Ticket to Ride

    Vilda Musen (Family Coaster)

    A crazy roller coaster.

    Shoot forwards, hurtling left and right past all the other coasters in the area. This wacky rodent may well be the wildest one in the park!

    Good to know

    Vilda Musen closes 15 minutes before Gröna Lund closes for the evening.

    Quick Facts

    • Minimum height
      120 cm (110 cm in adult company)
    • Number of coupons
    • Height
      21 m
    • Track length
      430 m
    • Speed
      55 km/h
    • G-Forces
      3 G
    • Manufacturer
      Gerstlauer (Germany)
    • Ride photo

    Ride photo

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