Freshly baked crêpes, waffles with jam and soft ice cream with beautiful views!

    At Grädderiet we serve fresh crêpes with exciting side dishes such as salmon or chevré. If you want something a little more classic, there are also freshly baked waffles with jam and soft ice cream to enjoy. You will find us down by the water, near the Catapult.


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    Waffle menu
    69 kr

    Waffle & coffee or small drink

    59 kr

    Waffle with jam and whipped cream

    Fresh strawberries
    15 kr

    Add some fresh strawberries to your waffles

    15 kr

    Add Nutella to the waffles


    Chevre & Honey
    119 kr

    Chevre, leaf spinach, tomato, walnuts and honey

    Cheese and ham
    119 kr

    Cheese, ham, tomato & spring onions

    Hot smoked salmon
    119 kr

    Hot smoked salmon, horseradish cream, leaf spinach and tomato

    Nutella & Banana
    119 kr

    Nutella, banana and coconut flakes

    Ice cream

    Soft ice cream cup
    40 kr
    Soft ice cream waffle
    40 kr
    8 kr


    Are you allergic or intolerant to anything? In all places where we serve food, there are binders with information about the ingredients in the food we serve. Ask the staff to have a look at the binders if you need more information.

    Vegetarian or vegan?

    All our restaurants and kiosks offer vegetarian and vegan food. Here you can read more about all the food you can choose at Gröna Lund.

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