I scream yoghurt

    Frozen yoghurt in all kinds of flavours. Yum!

    In the middle of the Spanish Steps between the Big and Little areas, you will find frozen yogurt in all sorts of delicious flavors. Top as you like with tasty and fresh accessories and enjoy!

    Here you can also buy cold drinks and coffee. Also, don't miss our cooling iced latte - perfect for hot days.

    Menu I scream yoghurt

    Frozen yoghurt

    Frozen yoghurt
    29 kr/hg

    Choose from frozen yogurt and toppings. Weigh, pay and enjoy!


    Passionfruit & white chocolate
    65 kr
    Blueberry & dark chocolate
    65 kr
    Strawberry & Honey
    65 kr
    Lime & Mint
    65 kr

    Cold beverage

    48 kr

    Vanilla, Caramel or Chocolate/Mocca

    Ice latte
    46 kr
    44 kr
    30 kr
    Loka (PET)
    30 kr
    Soda (PET)
    39 kr

    Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Coca Cola Light, Fanta, Fanta Exotic, Fanta Zero, Sprite Zero

    Hot beverage

    35/39 kr
    35 kr
    32 kr
    36 kr


    44 kr
    Café Latte
    46 kr
    38 kr
    Hot chocolate with whipped cream
    45 kr


    Are you allergic or intolerant to anything? In all places where we serve food, there are binders with information about the ingredients in the food we serve. Ask the staff to have a look at the binders if you need more information.

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