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    Treat yourself to a yummy langos!

    Tickle the taste buds with a Hungarian specialty - fried bread with tasty toppings. Choose from several variants: sour cream & rum, Västerbotten cheese, Skagen mash, or Nutella & strawberries.

    Tip! We also have a vegan langos with garlic, iMat fraiche, red onion, rocket and seaweed caviar.

    Menu - Langos


    95 kr

    Red caviar, black caviar, red onion, garlic, sour cream & chives. Medium soda included.

    95 kr

    Skagen (shrimp), red onion, garlic, sour cream and chive. Medium soda included.

    Västerbotten (vegetarian)
    95 kr

    Västerbotten cheese, arugula, red onion, garlic & sour cream. Medium soda included.

    Arugula (Vegan)
    95 kr

    Arugula, red onion, seaweed caviar, garlic & imat fraiche. Medium soda included.

    95 kr

    Nutella, strawberries & whipped cream. Medium soda included.


    Are you allergic or intolerant to anything? In all places where we serve food, there are binders with information about the ingredients in the food we serve. Ask the staff to have a look at the binders if you need more information.

    Vegetarian or vegan?

    All our restaurants and kiosks offer vegetarian and vegan food. Here you can read more about all the food you can choose at Gröna Lund.

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